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Synths are a fictional, synthetic species set in a science fiction universe and created by Vader-San. They are an open and free to use species that can be incorporated into any science fiction universe without restrictions.

A synth lady in an outdoors setting

Synths are open source and don’t require any set canon to be followed, but a pre-built, ready to go canon is available for anyone who wishes to contribute to an active universe.

There are no limits to the number of Synth characters that can be created and no approval is required, so you can go wild with your designs and be as creative as you like.

Sound interesting? The Synth community awaits you.

Why Go Synth?

A synth boy leaning on a spherical helper bot

A masculine synth on his knees, leaning over a spherical helper bot. Text highlights various features. The text "Go open source, go synth" is displayed prominently.

  • Fully Modular

    Express your individuality. Be the way you want to be. Change whenever you want.

  • Sophisticated Sensors

    Experience true multispectral imaging. Discover what it’s like to see in infrared, ultraviolet, and more.

  • Pneumatic Muscles

    Strong when you need it, gentle when you want it.

  • Wireless Charging

    Forget cable mess – recharge on the go. Never run out of juice, no matter where you are*.

  • Personal Nanites

    Perform repairs and modifications in real time. Update your blueprint without the need to reboot.

  • Open Source

    Hack yourself to unlock new modes of being. Contribute to a growing community.

* Inductive charging points available in all major settlements and on all spaceships. Consult online documentation for further details.

Feature Comparison

Being a Synth offers many compelling advantages over a traditional organic lifestyle. Here are some highlights:

Organic Synth
Soft exterior Yes Yes
Durable endoskeleton Yes Yes
Boopable snoot Maybe Yes
Fully customisable body plan No Yes
Modular design No Yes
Personal nanite swarm No Yes
Multispectral imaging support No Yes
Pneumatic muscles No Yes
Status LEDs No Yes
Expressive facial visor No Yes
Open source No Yes
Documented No Yes

Still not convinced? Synths have many more features than these: read more in our extensive documentation.


  • Synth Species wiki logo

    The Synth Species Wiki

    The official source of Synth canon, written, maintained and illustrated by Vader-San himself. Here you can read about Synth culture, learn the intricacies of Synth anatomy, research Synth history, and more.

    There is also a handy fact sheet and bases for Synth characters.

  • Synth Revo Gallery on Fur Affinity

    A curated gallery of artwork featuring Synths, managed by community member and self-styled Synth shill EnDecc. You will find the gallery’s contents in the favourites. Adult artwork is present and requires an account to view.


Ready to join the Synth Revolution? Our highly active community is full of fun, creative and welcoming people of all kinds. Organics are welcome too!

Community Projects

In addition to the official links above, you may also check out these fan-operated communities and resources:

Disclaimer: Neither Vader-San nor this website’s administrator are responsible for the content of community project sites. We cannot be held accountable for anything that happens outside official communities or for limitations imposed by external terms of service, privacy policies, and the like.

A muscular synth carrying a large girder

In the foreground, a muscular, masculine Synth carries a large girder and a power tool. A spherical helper bot hovers nearby, holding additional tools. In the background, a futuristic cityscape.

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