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Synth patient receiving care from a doctor

Synth Clinics or Hospitals refer to establishments within which Synths can receive medical services, also called synthetic medicine. Clinics are often found in smaller neighbourhoods, while hospitals are more common around larger population centers. Hospitals, which provide services for Organics as well as Synths, often contain at least one wing exclusively devoted to synthetic medicine. Doctors in synthetic medicine are required to have good knowledge in the common anatomy of Synths, as well as their physical limitations. A basic level of engineering and computing knowledge is required as well. Synth clinics often cooperate with engineers and technicians of all sorts and tend to have many technicians on staff, acting as lab assistants or nurses.

Clinics are either owned publically or privately. Most Clinics are publically funded institutions and provide healthcare free at the point of service. Private clinics exist first and foremost for the installation and maintenance of consumer products and are typically run by the company producing the products. Producers of Synth modules often have small clinics attached to their boutiques. to give customers a chance to try on modules or to carry out more complicated installation procedures, which they can not do themselves. This is typically the case with upgrades to their internal systems.

It is important to differentiate between clinics and workshops. Workshops are places of engineering, whereas Synth clinics are places of treatment for living Synths. You can read more about this under Synth Dignity.