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A Synth charging on a bench
A Synth using a quickcharging chamber

Charging points or charging spots are any areas or devices which allow Synths to charge their batteries. Synths charge using inductive charging and can therefore charge wirelessly. Energy storage and charging technology used in the Outer Rim and the New Colonies is optimized enough for inductive charging to be almost lossless and inexpensive, which is why charging points can be found almost anywhere. They are incorporated into furniture, such as benches or beds, so Synths using them to sit or lay down will automatically be charged. Public areas are often built to provide ubiquitous inductive charging to any Synths wandering the area. Almost all public spaces in the Outer Rim are equipped with enough charging technology to make it possible for Synths to almost forget about their need to charge. Some areas in the New Colonies still lack widespread charging points, as their infrustructures are still relatively thin and underdeveloped in comparison. Areas with less dense infrustructure will often have areas marked with Charging Point signs to point out where Synths can recharge their batteries.

Recharging is considered a basic right of synthetic lifeforms and is always provided for free.