New Colonies

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The New Colonies are the colonies established by the Outer Rim in an effort to explore and re-populate the galaxy. They are a first step towards the center of the galaxy and towards exploring the cause and nature of the Great Reset.

The New Colonies are a collection of planets and solar systems that have been terraformed and seeded with organic life. Colonists have settled down and begun turning these young colonized into fully formed member planets of the Outer Rim. Starting out as agricultural and mining colonies, they attract a great number of people, who are looking for an exciting way of life at the frontiers of civilization.

At the current stage life in the new colonies is less comfortable than life on one of the member planets of the Outer Rim. Infrastructure needs to be istablished, as well as a certain level of population, to increase the quality of life around the colony. Many prefer this rugged way of life though, as well as the seclusion it brings with it. The New Colonies are full of farmers, botanists people who simply want to get away from crowded planets to start an independent life of their own.