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The Outer Rim is an advanced civilization, which developed Synths through the course of its history. It spans over dozens of planets scattered across the outermost rim of the galaxy and includes the New Colonies. It is a post-scarcity society with a solarpunk aesthetic.

Culture and way of Life

The culture of the Outer Rim can be described as cooperative, science oriented, peaceful and friendly. It follows a philosophy that aims to increase the quality of life of its citizens and to explore the universe for the sake of understanding its secrets. Education is highly valued, as are honesty, peace, sustainability and cooperation. Each planet and colony within the Outer Rim brings its own flavour of local culture to the table, adding to a multicultural landscape throughout the Outer Rim. The population of the Outer Rim is made up of many different sapient species, mostly made up of organics like canines, reptiles, felines, equines, etc. The synthetic part of the population are the Synths, which are seen as a regular, respected part of society.

Individuals living within the Outer Rim enjoy a high amount of freedom and stability. Poverty is practically non-existent, due to the Outer Rim's focus on improvement of quality of life. Every citizen of the Outer Rim receives a Basic, guaranteed income, which is more than enough to make do. Basic needs such as housing, food, energy, communications, utilities and many others are provided for free throughout the Outer Rim, due to the widespread automation of production chains and transportation. Citizens don't have to work to sustain themselves, but have the option of working, by joining worker cooperatives or working independently. Most people end up taking up hobbies that end up as their work, through which they provide services or products to others, which ends up earning them extra credits to spend on luxuries and non-essential items.

The automation of the fulfillment of all basic needs leads to the population of the Outer Rim being able to focus on the things that interest them the most. People become scientists out of their love and interest for scientific discoveries. People who want a peaceful life in nature can become farmers on one of the New Colonies and can benefit society as a whole that way. Those who want to travel the stars can become pilots, or crew on one of the many ships in service of the Outer Rim fleet.


The Outer Rim functions as a democracy with leadership being voted into office directly, without party affiliations. There are no political parties as such, but instead key roles in management are voted into office after being chosen from a pool of experts by an administrative AI. Government officials receive extra compensation for their administrative work, but are not permitted to have any other additional income from any source. Corruption is heavily frowned upon and leads to harsh punishment, if caught. In addition to officials being voted into office directly, they can also be recalled from their position by vote. Such a vote can be initiated at any time and are triggered at a certain number of petitions to remove an official from office.

Every member planet of the Outer Rim has one representative within the Outer Rim Council. This council is responsible for carrying out decisions made by the populace.

The exact nature and structure of the Outer Rim's government will be detailed at a later point.