Synth Dignity

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Synths, being sentient and sapient creatures, posses a level of dignity. As a result they employ certain terminologies that are similar, if not equal, to that used by organics.


  • Synths typically don't mind being called "machines", but "Synths" or "synthetics" are preferred.
  • Medical treatments typically are not referred to as "repair jobs".
  • "Synth Mechanics" don't exist. They are called doctors. Synth Engineers, however, do exist and are professionals who design and fashion Synth Modules.
  • It is not possible to "own" a Synth, since that would be slavery, which is illegal throughout the Outer Rim and the new colonies. Statements such as "These robots are cool, where can I buy one?" are therefore considered offensive.
  • Despite not being humans, "humane" is a term that can apply to actions towards Synths.